Sterilize Humanity Demo

by Blood Run

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Recorded in October 2015 at OMC by Blood Run
Cover art by Katharina Rott Illustration.


released November 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Blood Run San Francisco, California

Keegan Kuhn-Guitar
Enter Kyle-Bass and Vocals

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Track Name: Sterilize Humanity
How could you bring a child into this world full of suffering?
They'll die choking on air pollution by our industry.
Have you never thought twice
Ecosystems falling apart
Now we've lost. We've lost everything
A child drinks polluted water
Forced to breathe this toxic air
Forests have fallen burned, cleared, discarded
To make room for your progeny
We are living during this earth's latest extinction
More species are dying than during any other time
How could you be so heartless?
To not think of what they'd have to endure
Do you stumble through life with your eyes closed?
To not see that we are living in a dying world?

Desertification runs rampant like disease.
The rains stopped falling with it goes everything.
Famines the new found diet starvation inheritance
That's what you give your child nightmares are fueled by acid bile
Is it arrogance 
That allows you not to believe
The eco apocalypse is coming steadily.
Open your eyes. 
9 billion mouths to feed.
Don't do this to a child.
Sterilize humanity.
Track Name: I Can't Escape
I must reclaim myself take back what is mine
Free myself from whats destroying this mind
Save myself before I lose it all
This hate I use as motivation
Its my poison my own down fall

I can't escape this black hole of rage
It's eating me away fight back retaliate

This negative emotion is like an addiction
The fix I get comes from the world I'm in
It feels so hopeless cause I know that I can't fix it
The earth dying along with everything on it
My eyes are open and they can't be shut

I can't escape this black hole of rage
Track Name: Line Of Defense
1.8 million violent crimes a year
Murder rape and terror
Bi-products fueled by your drug of choice
In this industry of horror

(Straight Edge) still means something to me
It's my commitment against their system
(Straight edge) a line of defense
For all those we love and wish to protect

Governments push this shit on us
To try and keep us down
Sedate and distract us
Silent and content

80% of reported rapes bare the alcohol's stench
I will never be one of them
You are everything that is wrong with the world
Selfish, close minded and weak
Track Name: Selfish Desires
Suffering and dying for your own selfish desires
Human-centric view of life
They're suffering and dying for your own selfish desires
That's why its you I despise
Suffering and dying for your own selfish desires
When will you open your eyes
They're suffering and dying for your own selfish desires
Lets stop this primitive way of life

Families are slaughtered
Mothers are torn from daughters
beaten neglect and abused
all due to you
The innocents of their eyes
The cries of pain and fear
Your human-centric approach to life
sees all that the deaf can hear

Your claims of peace means nothing
When you take an another's life.
And just because they're an animal
Doesn't mean that they deserves to die
Hard to think as humans
We're the only ones who think, love, feel pain
But it's our species as humans
That will bring this earth to its grave